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NEW YORK, NEW YORK, USA, September 22, 2022 / — According to PR Executive Ronn Torossian, companies that are looking to integrate their marketing communication strategy need to think about all of the different digital strategies they can rely on, and how each one of them can help the business reach its overall goals.

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Ronn Torossian says to truly integrate marketing and communications strategies, companies need to get as much out of their public relations efforts as possible in the first place. That means, if a company is participating in different events, it should also be looking for more opportunities to generate exposure for its participation, such as creating mini-interviews for event speakers and using the interviews on digital platforms. Additionally, companies can also promote any of their earned media efforts on social media platforms and tag the reporters or the outlets that were involved in the media coverage. This strategy can help companies rely on social advertising to generate more brand invisibility for the coverage that they’ve already received with very select audiences. Another way that companies can get the most out of their public relations efforts is by conducting keyword research and working with a search engine optimization expert to optimize each press release to generate the biggest reach.

It’s never a bad idea for a company to experiment with different communication channels it hasn’t been using before. For example, in terms of social audio, Clubhouse managed to generate a lot of attention and popularity with a lot of people a couple of years ago. However, since that time, the overall audio market has fragmented as other platforms like Spotify, Twitter, Facebook, and others, started offering similar features to Clubhouse. However, that doesn’t mean that a company shouldn’t test out different communication channels if they fit with the company’s goals. But there are so many communication opportunities that companies have these days to reach out to their target audiences, from communicating via text messages or through Facebook messenger, to even integrating things like Amazon Alexa.

Torossian adds that until now, every company has heavily relied on third-party websites and platforms, and the data that has been generated through them to reach the company’s overall business goals. Additionally, it’s always been important for companies to use the insights of third-party platforms, such as search engines and social media platforms to generate more leads. If a company only pays attention to a handful of platforms, it has to subject itself to the algorithms of those platforms. However, once a company has the email address or phone number of a lot of members of its target audience, that company finally has a direct relationship with those audience members and is no longer dependent on any third parties. Given the fact that companies will be losing access to third-party data, it’s become even more important than ever for companies to look at these types of relationships they have with the target audience in terms of the data that they can generate through them. Once a company has some of the basic contact information such as email or phone number, it can think about additional insights it can generate and take advantage of that information.

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